Our Contract and Promise

All of our puppies are sold with a full health guarantee. If your puppy is diagnosed with a congenital defect, we will replace that puppy within a year. You must simply return the puppy to us so we can have it treated by our vet, and within a year we will replace it with a puppy of equitable value. Furthermore, if the puppy passes away of natural causes or is accidentally killed (ie: hit by a car) before it reaches 10 years old, we will credit 50% of your purchase price toward a replacement puppy when you are ready. We remove the worry about getting a healthy family member and want you to enjoy 15 to 20 healthy happy years with your new pet if possible!

If you are buying a pet puppy, it is on a spay/neuter contract. If you want the AKC limited registration on the puppy, you must let us know in advance of the puppy being 6 months old and send us proof that your dog was spayed/neutered before 6 months of age. We will then begin the process of applying for the registration papers, and you are responsible for all fees required in processing the AKC registration of your puppy. If you are buying a show/breeding puppy, then arrangements are made on an individual basis according to conditions agreed to at the time of sale to transfer full AKC registration. Registration papers are only available for full-price dogs that cost more than $1000.00. Papers are not available for any dog for which a discount was given.

If you buy a guaranteed mame/mini and the dog ends up being more than 14.5 inches tall at the shoulder for males or more than 13.5 inches tall at the shoulder for females, then you can keep the dog and we will give you another guaranteed mame/mini free of charge.

If at any time you can no longer care for your puppy, we simply ask that you offer it back to us at no cost before taking it to a shelter. If you ever need to sell your puppy, we ask that you notify us and allow us to approve the new buyer to insure the welfare of our puppies. All of our puppies are also sold with lifetime email consultations. If at any time you have a question, no matter how big or small, simply email us and we will be more than happy to offer our advice and any help we can.
 Under no circumstances will there ever be refunds, neither partial nor full, and no vet bills or other costs will be paid by us neither partially nor in full.


When purchasing a puppy please fill out the form here.