Shiba Inus For Sale – Nationwide Delivery – even during COVID-19 Pandemic. AIR & LAND DELIVERY OPTIONS!

While we are based in Georgia, we regularly travel to Florida and send our shibas throughout the United States.

We are currently accepting one deposit for the pick puppy from our upcoming litter of mini shibas. If you would like to get the pick puppy from this litter, contact us.

In the meantime, we have a few older puppies and adults available who can be sent anywhere in the continental United States. This is a rare opportunity to get one of these amazing shibas without having to deal with the headaches of young puppy ownership. You know exactly what you're going to get in terms of size, appearance, and temperament.

If you would like one of the shibas listed below, call us at 912-225-9737 or fill out contact form to let us know!

Deposit – received, awaiting transport: Emmy – Young Adult Female Standard 4 yr old Shiba Inu

Very laid back young adult shiba inu. Perfect little lady and kind to all mammals.

She's looking to be a great companion dog for another shiba or potentially a great couch dog if you have the patience to let her acclimate to a new live in your home as a revered friend and protector. Emmy has never been needed as an in an alpha role but has played the part of companion and support to many.

She is stunning and has nice movement and great build. She has her new shots and health certificate from her vet and is ready to travel by air or by land.


SOLD – Apollo-Rufus – 11wks, on is way to Julia in NYC

This gorgeous little guy is about a stunning as can be. He is excited to play with every animal he meets. He's gentle and sweet. He seeks out every opportunity to be held and has been enjoying tv time from the couch during the extra family time while we are staying at home and binge-watching shows with him.

Rufus is a smart and resourceful pup. He'll definitely warm your heart with his charming wiles, and his antics will fill your days with joy and laughter. His curious personality and vibrant character will help to create a fun and larger than life experience of happy memories for the whole family.

He will likely be right around the 20 pound mark when full grown.


Check out our new testimonials page. We are adding to it as we have time, so be sure to check back for new pics! You can also learn about mini shiba inus here.