Available Puppies

If you would like one of the puppies listed below, call us at 912-225-9737 or fill out contact form to let us know! We have sent puppies to forever homes throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. If you’re looking for something different, contact us with what you’re wanting and we’ll see if we have a puppy or adult available that matches your needs that we haven’t listed yet. To see what some of our puppies look like as adults, check out our new testimonials page. We are adding to it as we have time, so be sure to check back for new pics! You can also learn about mini shiba inus here.

To see more pictures, click on the picture of the puppy you’re interested in.

We’ve started including other objects in some of our pics because the number one thing we hear from new owners is that their puppy is so much smaller than they thought it would be.

Starski the Super Small & Amusing Male Mame Shiba Inu

This little guy has a fun outgoing and energetic personality and yet when picked up he’ll go limp in your arms with adoration as he absorbs your love. Cutest face,  great posture, and an amazingly pretty dark red coat. Generally thick double coat is currently in shed. He’s a premium pup destined for the greatest family life we can arrange for him! He’s likely to top out at 11 – 12 pounds, when he gains his adult stature. That is the perfect size for an in flight travel partner. He’s eager to be with people and happy to be held. He’s got a bit of an independent streak when exploring the outdoors, but never goes far from home and comes quickly when called. Always happy to play, hunt and explore when not interacting with his humans.

Price: $1595 Sex: Male Color: Red Size: Mini

Hutch the Stunning Young Adolescent Male Mame Shiba Inu

Hutch is the always happy, continuously fun loving, perpetually contented and a fervently curious blessing. Nothing has ever ruffled his feathers and he is trusting of his environment and those who share it with him. He and his brother Starski spend each day investigating new scenes and the old scenes seem to merit getting reinspected along the way. Life is fun and every item is worth a second look and some added sniffing. This beauty is sure to capture your heart and he has a lifetime of his antic to share with a special family.

Price: $1595 Sex: Male Color: Red Size: Mini

Pongo pretty 2 year old Male Mame Shiba Inu

This pretty boy is a very loving and personable guy and her gets along with all other adult dogs. He prefers females as there is less posturing and he goes out of his way to avoid smaller puppies, because of their sometimes sporadic gestures. Pongo is just pretty even keel, playful for short periods and then more thoughtful and pensive at other times. He’s been with us  since he was a little pup and he fits into almost any situation very well. He is full grown and approximately 14 pounds. putting him about 2 inches shorter than standard and as much as half the size of a standard size boy, and even smaller when compared to the more common over-sized shibas being bred more frequently.

He’s a special individual and would love an important role in a family environment of his own. He is being placed with guarantee of integration and under a full exchange policy to ensure he gets his forever loving home.

Price: $995 Sex: Male Color: Red Size: Mini


Pollywogz stunning female Mame Shiba Inu

This little dream of an affectionate canine, always has more love to give. She travels from door to door (checking all 4 outside entries) for her chance to be inside with the humans and wishes to be held for any occasion. While not hyper, she is persistent and also very curious. She will top out as an 11 or 12 pound adult and is currently almost 9 pounds. She would do well in a home without any dominant pets. She is not dominant but plays best with carefree animals and humans that can allow her to be a free spirit!

Price: $1595 Sex: Female Color: Red Size: Mini

Yori – SOLD

This little boy loves playing outside. He’s very curious but also calm enough to enjoy cuddles. His mother has gifted him with her very easy going personality and lovable demeanor. He loves to be outside during the cooler hours and when it warms up he’ll ask to be let in, where he can be quiet and non-destructive all day long. Potty – trained himself at 6 weeks old and just barely old enough for his new home.

Price: $1795 Sex: Male Color: Red Size: Mini

RV Living Large with his new Owners* Connor the small Male adult Shiba with larger than life personality. *Sold

Connor is as sweet a Shiba Inu adult as I have ever had. He loves to be a part of everything. He gets along with adult dogs and calm puppies. He just likes a little space until he gets to know the new critters and surroundings. He lives to be picked up and held or even packed around. He likes to be part of whatever might be the next thing to happen. He is smaller than standard but he’s not the least bit fragile. At 17 pounds he’s thick and built like a tank and has beautiful fluid movement in his gait. His ideal home is with someone that can give him some routine and someone that can keep the crowds of new people and pets to a minimum. This thoughtful young adult boy will be an amazing addition to the family or individual with time and ability to get to know him.