Available Puppies

If you would like one of the puppies listed below, call us at 912-225-9739 or fill out contact form to let us know! We have sent puppies to forever homes throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Lil’ Buckaroo the Stunning Male Mame Shiba Inu

$ 2,295.00
Born September 1st and weighing under 3 pounds at 6 weeks old. This little guy has a wide head, great posture, and an amazingly thick coat. He’s a premium puppy and will look similar to the Shiba Meme when he grows up, although he will be about half the size. He’s eager to be with people and happy to be held. He’s got a bit of an independent streak and is happy to play and explore when not interacting with humans.

Lily the beautiful and charming mame shiba

This little Shiba girl is a product of multi-generational smaller bloodlines. Her temperament is sweet, gentle and submissive. She’s alert and very anxious to find a new toy. A real quick learner and asks to go outside to potty!

Tigress the Mild Mannered Mini Shiba girl

This is a very striking girl with a wonderful temperament. She has a very wild look and will probably look like a foxy coyote! Not to worry though she doesn’t have a wild bone in her body and she wants the domesticated family life. She’s ready to bond with her humans.

RV Living Large with his new Owners* Connor the small Male adult Shiba with larger than life personality. *Sold

Connor is as sweet a Shiba Inu adult as I have ever had. He loves to be a part of everything. He gets along with adult dogs and calm puppies. He just likes a little space until he gets to know the new critters and surroundings. He lives to be picked up and held or even packed around. He likes to be part of whatever might be the next thing to happen. He is smaller than standard but he’s not the least bit fragile. At 17 pounds he’s thick and built like a tank and has beautiful fluid movement in his gait. His ideal home is with someone that can give him some routine and someone that can keep the crowds of new people and pets to a minimum. This thoughtful young adult boy will be an amazing addition to the family or individual with time and ability to get to know him.