Shiba Inus For Sale – Nationwide Delivery

While we are based in Georgia, we regularly travel to Florida and send our shibas throughout the United States.

We are currently accepting one deposit for the pick puppy from our upcoming litter of mini shibas. If you would like to get the pick puppy from this litter, contact us.

In the meantime, we have a few older puppies and adults available who can be sent anywhere in the continental United States. This is a rare opportunity to get one of these amazing shibas without having to deal with the headaches of young puppy ownership. You know exactly what you're going to get in terms of size, appearance, and temperament.

If you would like one of the shibas listed below, call us at 912-225-9737 or fill out contact form to let us know!

Rufus – 7 Week Old Charming Shiba Inu Mini/Mame Puppy

This little one is the first one to try and jump out of his whelping area. Loves to scoot around the house quietly observing everyone around. We are constantly on the lookout here, keeping a watchful eye on escaped puppies roaming the house looking for new experiences. He's become a bold explorer, and eagerly accepts a challenging situation that gives him learning opportunities. His keen mind remembers after a single learning experience and his confidence is growing daily.

Rufus will warm your hearts and fill your days with joy and laughter as his curious little mini pup self creates a fun and larger than life experience of happy memories for the whole family.


Dimples2 – 8 Week Old adorable Shiba Inu Mini/Mame Puppy

Cute meets calm and cuddly!

This pretty little girl is easy going intuitive and happy. She's house trained, crate trained, well adjusted to having time on her own when necessary & just quiet, calm and super cuddly! Very content, and super sweet, always willing to lick another nose! Willing to initiate playtimes with her sibling and can hold her own even as the smallest. Her coat is super luxurious and thick. Ears are well-set and pointy and correctly spaced,and agled for the perfect shiba inu look. She's a rare find find! We're getting her a bit pre-spoiled and can assit you in taking over the process.

Call quick to be considered for her and set up a time to receive her into your home.


Fluffbunch – Red Female Mame/Mini Shiba Inu Pup


Fluffbunch is a genuine Mame Shiba Inu Pup

This pretty little Shiba puppy is easy to handle and so fun to play with. She gets limited human attention at this age but seems to crave every interaction she's had so far. She is built correctly and sports a super luxurious and thick coat with nice markings.

While the mame shiba inu gene has been around for centuries it is highly unlikely to happen when breeding two standard shibas. We've selectively bred two multi-generational mame shibas to get this healthy well-balanced puppy. Many times people will advertise a mame pup without a track record of knowing what to expect. We guarantee the size of this pup to remain mini and stay much smaller than standard.


Max – Young Adult standard Male Shiba Inu

Max is one of our last standard size male shibas. He gets along well with everyone, other dogs and puppies. He's quiet and fairly calm. He would like a patient organized family that can give him structure and give him a person or people for him to start that strong shiba bonding.

This handsome guy is eager to find his new home and forever owners. He is a non-dominant type and may take time to adjust to a new environment. Having a confident, understanding, and patient owner will give him the building blocks for a perfect life.

He should do well in a home with dogs, cats, and potentially other animals and children as well.


A small clip of her below with a photobomb by Myasaki!

Spice – Adorable Standard Sesame Shiba Inu

Spice is a sweetheart. Gets along with other dogs and puppies. Playful and always ready for a new experience. Spice will initiate play dates with any and all other dogs. She's very easy going and when she speaks, it's in soft loving tones not a barking, in an attempt to get you to share her happy feelings with you.

Her character and build are quite exquisite. We kept her as a potential breeding prospect. The right match for her superb genetics was not a priority. She has quite a motherly personality that's made her a wonderful auntie to many of our pack over the years.

We know she'll adapt well to another loving environment if given a few weeks to fit in and fill your hearts with the joy and love she has to share.

She is nearly 4 yrs old, 15 inches, and 17.5 pounds. Please feel free to request a video of her. Although the pictures make her look large, she is not but is, in fact, the correct size for the breed standard.

$1295FemaleRed SesameStandard

Emiko – Young Adult Female Standard Shiba Inu

Emiko is a beautiful, quiet and pleasant girl. She absolutely loves to go outside exploring, but loves being indoors napping even more! She's a peacemaker and has never had cause to get riled up over anything. She's never been a mommy herself but she's been willing to help out whenever she could and made a wonderful auntie to a couple of litters.

Emiko aka: Emmy, Miko, Sweetheart, and a myriad of other playful and loving names, is an attentive and very smart girl. First in line for attention and deserving of a loving home with kind people. If you have another dog or cat she'll certainly get along and fit right in! She's perfect for the family that is looking for a true lady of the shiba family. At four years old, she's proven to have one of the most sublime temperaments possible for the breed. She's a great companion and house dog and her price is reduced to help ensure price doesn't get in the way of owning the best this breed has to offer.

Emiko is not quite 4 years old yet, is the correct standard size and weighs about 16 pounds.


Myasaki – Young Adolescent Mini/Mame Male Shiba Inu SOLD – Myasaki is headed to Massachusetts!

Myasaki is a small, well-built curious little guy. Gets along with other dogs and puppies. Shows no desire to chase or eat lizards or small prey such as squirrels. He's alert, ready and willing to learn in new situations. He prances around because he's comfortable and confident. He’s not very demanding and quite easy to please. This pretty little guy is generally calm, quiet, and happy.

Myasaki is generally curious, eager to know what's going on, and interested in your reactions. Happy to have as much attention as you’ll be able to give him without seeming too needy. He’ll follow around his family member and be ready to protect should he be needed to alert and care for his new family.


Here is a video clip with Myasaki.

Sesame – Young Adolescent Male Mame/Mini Shiba Inu

This gorgeous boy is not only a very nice looking sesame color, quite contrasting to the more typical red, but he's also a miniature and weighs just 11 pounds. He's quite possibly the smallest boy we've seen. He has a typical shiba personality. Somewhat aloof at times, but his curiosity gets the best of him and he does enjoy the attention he's so deserving of.

This guy is ready for a calm home where he can start to bond with new owners and get into a routine. He's wonderfully crate trained and does well in the home and yard. As a little puppy he was accustomed to being so small he could wriggle out of the fence with ease. He never went far and chose to never leave the property. This is a good sign that once he bonds with his new family, he'll want to stick around and not wander as many similar to this breed standard have been known to do.

$995MaleRed SesameMini

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