Hi from Tennessee!

I purchased my Shiba from y’all in 2012, from a litter born around 10/10/11. She’s been fantastic these past 7 years…

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your dedication to breeding healthy pups! She’s always gotten praise and good comments from vets, no known health issues. They said her teeth look amazingly good for being 7 years old, very little tartar and contributed that partially to having good genes.

Here’s to, hopefully, another healthy 7+ years!


Hi Neil,

Our Teddy turned 1 years old yesterday and I wanted to share a picture of him all grown up with you. He is such a handsome little boy!


Hi Neil

Wanted to say hi and tell you how much we love Scarlett each and every day.

Are you still in the Shiba biz. I might need a puppy ….😎

Keep me posted on puppies and new litters.
My older girl Savannah is 13+ years and starting to slow down.

Scarlett could certainly mentor a baby Shiba into her naughty ways!

Scarlett has matured into an outstanding companion and gives me great joy every day. She is super smart, has a sense of humor, a great watch dog, an unbelievable huntress and is very affectionate.


Hi Neil

I just wanted to send you some photos of Kaia (Fluffkins). She is such a wonderful puppy! She is so beautiful and well behaved! If we decide to get another puppy, then we will definitely come back to you guys. Thank you so much and happy holidays!


Hello, I wanted to send you a few pictures of how our puppy has grown. She was named Katsumi for the listing but we named her Daisy. She’s the happiest most perfect dog, I thought you guys would enjoy hearing how she’s doing.

To add to my last email, we threw her a birthday party. She’s very spoiled and very loved.



I wanted to show you my Shiba, she just turned a year on the 31 of January. She’s the most beautiful, smart and sweetest dog ever. It doesn’t feel like I have a dog, she’s so unique and special to us she is like a little daughter to us. She has grown so beautifully and she is such a happy dog with lots of love to give. We got her from you last April, you named her Katsumi.


Neil thanks so much for getting back to us! Mochi has the best temperament I have ever seen for a shiba besides he is a little shy! We got together with 7 shibas in the community last week and not one had the chill and kind personality as Mochi! We are very curious about Mochi’s beautiful sister and how she is doing! Any word on her? Neil thanks again for our amazing puppy Mochi we are over the moon in love with him!

Shayla and Cam

Just wanted to give an update. The little boy has been doing fantastic! Very well trained already and he is already good friends with the cats!

We are in love with our Colt. I can’t thank you enough for breeding such a wonderful dog!