About Us

Here at ShibaInuPup.com we have been raising, showing, & breeding Shibas for over 26 years.  We specialize in the Shiba Inu and have been exclusive to this breed for the entire time. Once we’d found our magical connection our chosen dog breed, we decided to focus on them and enjoy their wonders & uniqueness to their fullest extent.

We are a husband and wife team that are committed to raising champion show quality Shiba Inus.  We actively show our dogs and breed in strict adherence to the AKC breed standard.  We love finding great pet and show homes for our little darlings.  We live on a pice of property with acreage, outside of Savannah, GA and raise all of our puppies in our home with plenty of outside play time.  We have shipped or delivered our puppies to homes throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.  We are not a puppy mill and as such you will not find over-sized females bred for the express purpose of producing larger litters or females that have been drugged to produce large litters.  Our litters are typically 3 perfectly proportioned puppies.  Since our females all tend to come into season (heat) at the same time we usually have many puppies available at once and then we may go quite some time before breeding again.  Sometimes we will take extended breaks that last over a year.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list for puppies please just give us a call at 912-225-9737 or sign up for our newsletter.

It is very important to us to be good stewards of this amazing breed of dog.  We are completely dedicated to providing correct information to anyone doing their research into the Shiba Inu.  Our “learn about shiba inus” section is currently growing every month.  We still have plans for a section to showcase the letters and emails we continue to get with follow-ups and exciting and heartwarming events happening with our extended shiba family and their owners worldwide.  We won’t post anything too personal or that is of a private nature of course.

We currently have a simple, hassle free way for all of our visitors to be advised of new litters, new articles and the important updates to our website pages.  All you do is simply opt in to our free newsletter with your email.  If you are ready for a Shiba Inu pet now and want us to contact or follow-up with you, then you MUST call or email us as just signing up for our newsletter will not help you get one of our available puppies.  We do not send frequent updates to our newsletter guests, we try and only send updates once or maybe twice per month targeted to your interests in the Shiba Inu preferences you selected.

If you have ideas to help us improve our website, or if you have an article we can post that will help inform others of important Shiba Inu pup or adult related tips or events we’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to give us your thoughts and opinions in the form of constructive input.

May we all help keep the Shiba Inu free from genetic health problems through proper education and sound breeding practices.